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think we should require nert training. we're in a city that the first-responders, even if you had a gazillion firefighters, first of all, most of them don't live here unfortunately and secondly we're going to need all of us when it comes to a big earthquake. when you get this training they say 80% of the people will be needing to be helped. very minorly injureded and then we'll have the training to help them. so i think that would be a really awesome thing if we could all be nert trained and require it. >> mr. resignato, is this time card 3 or 4 for you? >> this is 3. >> from what it sounds like, Û: think i need to become a nert, because i'm a nerd already, but i could become a nert. i love the prevention questions. keep them coming. i'm passionate about prevention. there is a simple thing to make sure that when our earthquake hits we can do what is called "shelter in place." we can keep people in their homes. basically we have lot of multi-family homes with soft understories with a garage, but there is a lot of weight on top. what happened in the loma prieta earthquake, it's
, our city's leadership feels the same way. we are today opening the world's first network of shared electric scooters that you can activate with your smart phone and your phone, it's not just a key to the scooters, it's really a key to the city, it brings everything in the city closer to you, it opens up new neighborhoods that you may not have gone to before and it makes the places you get to every day more fun to get to. for those of us who ride, life before scoot is sort of like life before mobile phones, once you have a short-cut to anywhere in the city in your pocket, you don't really want to go back, so we give you scoot, the world's first network of shared electric scooters and the perfect mode of transportation for the city that leads the world in what's coming next. thank you. [applause]. >> alright. >> we are ready to begin. welcome to unico i'm albert and i'm very pleased that today we have a number of distinguished guests joining us from the ribbon cutting ceremony, so allow me now a few moments to introduce our guests first of all please welcome san francisco mayor mr. e
to move the city forward. now join me in welcoming the city's first asian american mayor and i'm very proud to say a member of the lee tribe, the 43rd mayor of san francisco, ed lee. (applause). >> thank you, judy, very much for that introduction. good morning, everyone. >> good morning. >> it's great to be here at the san francisco chamber and of course the center for economic development here, your breakfast for 2012, it's my pleasure to be here. i walked in as ed from wells fargo was talking and i just wanted to make sure you knew, i am eternally grateful it the chamber, to wells fargo for helping me create 5,200 jobs for our kids. that's a wonderful accomplishment. i've been your mayor for almost two years now and everybody is coming up to me and asking, are you enjoying it? you know, some of the politics in the city it's hard to enjoy but i will say honestly to steve fox, to the chamber and judy and all of you working together to keep our city successful, i do enjoy creating jobs. and when you see our youth get those paid internships or get that summer job at a number of all
to start a new business, which was this suites business, the first brand as city suites and late on when the building went into receivership, the receiver started another business, an urban suites collection, which mr. hammond from the golden gateway was talking about the hotelization and that is what has gone on with half the units in the building. we have half regular tenants and half corporate suites. those apartments -- as along as this business model is profitable for these owners, those apartments will never be available to regular middle-class renters to live in the neighborhood that we really enjoy living in. so that is our problem. >> lana backet. i think there is a way of correcting this and we would like to talk with your office about an amendment that would define "corporate suites." make it illegal for them to be in buildings occupied by permanent residents for more than 30 days, less than 90 days. or that they don't offer a year lease. so we would love to continue this dialogue with your office. and that is what we have to say. thank you. >> thank you very much and i h
at the current temperatures right now. 40's across much of the city, 46 at the inner harbor, 42 at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. a few of you in the northwest suburbs may see your first frost this morning. as we look into the rest of the morning for the marathon, by 8:00 a.m., 45 degrees with sunny skies and winds will be light. that's different from last year. still sunny through the middle half of the race and temperatures around 59 by lunch time. dress in layers but you have the sun through this morning. we will talk about the seven-day when we return. >> the orioles' postseason run comes to an end with a tough fifth game loss in new york. the team returned to baltimore around 1:00 a.m. 11 news was on the scene when waiting fans formed. and while the o's wanted nothing more than to move on to the next round of the postseason, it's hard to say the season was a disappointment, the team accomplished much more than expected. >> the orioles magical 2012 season came to an end last night, a 3-1 loss to the yankees last night in game five of the alds. the yankees had a true ace, c.c. sabathia
by our sister city and especially with paris, i was informing the mayor of my first trip to paris, it's been my only trip which is why i have to go officially, but that was 1969 was my very first trip to pear ris as a high school student, as a high school choir of high school in seattle, we raised money all yearlong for us to go, i got to visit the jazz club along the river and then i got to hear for the very first time stevie wonder saying my shari amor in paris, look it up, that's why of course mayor dell way has invited me to be making my first official visit some time next year and certainly charlotte and tom and others have jumped on the occasion, matt and everybody else, but it is one of those relationships that i have understood as being one of the most porn -- important in the city, one is an international status, one we hold dearly because there's a lot to learn, each of our cities as great as they are become greater as our goals of becoming environmentally responsible, creating our opportunity for our economies to fwroe and our dialog in our country is the urban cities that
ratt... is... suing... mayor... stephanii thee.. city cooncil... áyouá... saw... first on fox...///. pratt.... - and... ciiy councill.. of... thwarting the city... awaaring.... a... pucrative contract... to... "digicon"... withhut... even requesting... aa.. proposal.../// for.... the... prooect. &pproject. he... in... thh battll... over... the city's... new... ppone system...///. very specific... alllgations... against... the maaor,.... claim... ttat... the mayor... changed ... when... it... was clear ... "digicon"".. was... losing out... to ibm.../ on... the... phone contractt..///. nearll... went... tt... y... - or... formal approval..../.3 pratt... has reeeatedly... accused... the mayor's officee.. off.. with... the... - two men accused of arrangiig the murder f an 18-year old outsidetowsonnown center last year learntheir fate.john rydell hassmore on what the judge told the he imposedsentencing... 3 "it wassaahorrible, county's toppprosecutor...desc-3 ribbssthe
city clinic in launching the first demonstration project of pre-exposure prophylaxis, taking antihiv medicines to prevent new infections. we're studying topical gels, retro microbicide. the way we're going to end this epidemic is through a vaccine, we've controlled other infectious diseases through a cure. we're proud of our staff who contribute to this as well as the many study participants. and i'm just going to close with a quick word about the project. the way that this project came about was actually one of our staff members, janey vincent who is our graphic designer, you'll see some of her beautiful work inside, noticed that there was -- she's hiding. (applause) >> she noticed that president obama had designated part of his stimulus money to nih for the national institutes of health and they were putting a billion dollars to research infrastructure, biomedical research infrastructure, something that's never happened before. she said, you know, we don't have enough space in our section. all of the three units had grown so much that we really needed more space. she said, do you t
of determination. a local high school homecoming >>> new york city's super-sized soda ban faces its first legal challenge tonight. a coalition of businesses filed suit tonight. the few regulation would stop restauran restaurants, cafeterias and concession stands from selling soda and other high-calorie drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. that rule takes effect in march. a 15-year-old now facing charges in a bullying case captured by a tv news crew. brunswick high school student was doing an interview when three students approached him. one hit him on the head. the teen suspect has charged him wz a juvenile with assault. now to an incredible story tonight. a high school student paralyzed during a family trip to hawaii after months of rehab, he was reunited with classmates during tonight's homecoming game. and what happened next had the crowd in tears. erica gonzalez had the report from the high school. >> the sights and sounds of a packed stadium senior year, homecoming. nick ballinger has asked his girlfriend to be his date. but how do you dance with a beautiful girl when you're paralyz
would urge you really don't erode that standard. those of you who know me know that my first andy>k foremost interest at city hall is election activism and well-running elections and thatéyg#t activism has led me in and out of the political factions here. i would say removing a person from office for relatively minor if any official malfeasance and ití not about domestic violence,eu/ that's a really, really bad thing for -- the man is -- or anyone inme+km his position is -- has to get reelected, and also there's an election process called a recall. i would maintain the checks and balances of governments if i were you. the board of supervisors is supposed to be a balance to the mayor. i would act on that. thank you. >> hi. maria morgan and president chiu you might want to get the gaveli ready because i think you're going to need it. i am here to ask you to remove ross from office. i'm here for$j the many san franciscans who are unable to attendz0utáq very lengthy hearings. many, many people want him removed fro
year. the old port is being spruced up and a museum built, but not much is set to change in the city's in northern districts. >> when the soviet union fell apart, lithuania was the first of the republics to formally declare independence. what followed in the 1990's was a turbulent time politically and economically. lithuania had to make the leap to a market economy and develop new sources of income. the koreans that, for instance, was great for tourism, but a legal fight today shows lithuanians still has a long way to go in its attempt to shake off the coast from its post- soviet past. >> a summer paradise could soon become a nightmare. she practices piano as her parents said in a garden. 10 years ago, the family made her lifelong wish come true. they built a summer home on the crony and spit. now, the wood frame house is to be torn down. authorities say it was built illegally. >> we had all the permits when we bought the house. signatures from every relevant authority -- the notaries and the bank checked it all. we had to get a mortgage using our assets as collateral. five years ago
're ensuring that our city remains strong and successful and solvent. and we want to make sure that we continue to be the innovation capital of world. for the first time in years we have had a lot of unity to account for and to move our city forward. business and labor, the mayor, and the board of supervisors, we have all been coming together on issues that affect all of us, tax reform, housing, fixing our parks and open space, fixing our streets. this year we have come together in an unprecedented way to put these issues to the ballot, because we agree it's the right time for smart and long-term investment in our city and in housing and in parks and in tax reform. together we're putting people back to work and building our city at the same time. now it's time to reform our tax structure. a lot of people ask me, well, mayor, what is this business tax reform? what is it all about? it's very complicated. well, i will tell them it's about real people, about business, and about real jobs. because it's now that we're the only city in the state of california that has a payroll tax, literally a ta
, of course, in washington. >> it is like people that go there -- they understand it's a bulletproof city. we are seeing the first, you know, the beginnings of a turnaround. >> we see that. in northern virginia, there is a good market, but you have to have the best people. we do believe that we have the best people. we have the best people in the market. also, it is the small towns away from washington. those banks are being killed. so that is what worries me. as a banker, to see these banks, one by one fail, even though a lot of people think that they are being bailed out by the government, they are actually not being bailed out by the government. [talking over each other] the fdic pics of that. and kurt and i pay for that. >> were marred just made a great point. my insurance costs have tripled. i have been penalized. >> what it doesis not only enable us to serve our customers, it is absolutely terrible. neil: okay, gentlemen, thank you both very much. very hopeful. i think everyone is thinking big and maybe you should just think small. coming u next, what happens when his opponent does not
that are not supposed to be circulated until next year. the bills have a distinctive orange coloring. >>> new york city's controversial ban on large, sugary drinks is seeing its first legal challenge. a coalition of businesses filed suit yesterday claiming the city's board of health overstepped its authority when it approved the measure. the new regulation would stop restaurants, cafeterias, and concession stands from selling soda and other high calorie drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. the law is set to take effect in march. >>> the time right now is 6:14. coming up next we'll show you the new gear the maryland terps showed off at midnight madness last night. >>> plus, the investigation into google that could lead to a lawsuit against the search engine. >>> a cold morning, yes, but it will heat up. chuck bell is back in a moment with just how warm it will get on this saturday. [ female announcer ] it's deliciously dark just before dawn. it's a rainy morning becoming a caramel drizzle. with folgers gourmet selections, you can turn any day gourmet. new roasts, new flavors, and a new look. >>>
at the public opinion in this city regardless of whata(q/ was just said the chronicle's own poll, 64%, after nine mjlb9o of non-stop dishonest propaganda fromy?ti disinformation daily, going on and on, first of all the big issue here is]+ is in charge of foreclosures and eviction. and we have a class war going on in this city right now, in housing. and the2 people being driven from theiro÷ the mayor's camp. and we have a right to have ak[ah different viewpoint in the center of the legal structure of this city,bsebc and not to be taken over by those who are ruled by the real estate ññy development interests. removing the=cpeb sheriff removes an independent legal voice when we hav7zz@ some really questionable issues with the established political and police order and the district attorneyik8gñ covering for his activities previously
's a first there. since world war ii. anna kooiman is live with this inspiring story. hi. >> hey there. the city of newark, new jersey has a new class of firefighters who were heros before they put on their uniforms for the first time since world war two, nearly all of the recruits are veterans. 28 out of 31 and it's no coincidence. there is a new push across the country to hire veterans when they return home. job searching is one of the many struggles they experience while putting their lives back together. last month the unemployment rate was 9.7% for veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. compared to the national average of 7.8%. >> at one point of my career when i got home, it was very hard to find work and i did turn to the g.i. fund and they help you to find employment and advised me. >> singing our national anthem, home of the brave, we've got to create a home for our brave. that means jobs and housing and an opportunity to show the heroism overseas, but come back and serve with the same courage and same valor. this is tremendous. >> the g.i. go fund, nonprofit organizati
to pay before we are willing to sign up for before we commit the city. >> very well put. isn't that the best thing to do first? >> well, i think the -- part of what we need to do is have the contract in capacity to conduct those studies. the firm that we had under contract before that contract expired, part of what we are trying to accomplish with this contract is give us tools to perform that kind of work. the amendment that would allow us to come back to you with that knitting together of all these different, you know, polling and study work and what the going forward communications plan would be, that $100,000 task order would get us started. it would not fund additional survey work. additional survey work would take time -- >> sum -- >> the initial $100,000 task order would likely to the not be sufficient to fund both communications plan and additional survey. the $1.4 million before you in 8c, as in not exceed amount could include that additional survey work. >> a whole lot more. >> yes, yes. >> one more thing, then i will be quiet. i think the important thing is to have
to the proposed ordinance. the first is that our audit found that san francisco is falling short of the city's regional assigned goals, particularly for low and moderate income housing. while the city is on pace to meet two-thirds of its overall housing goal, at the current riterate of projection it will only achieve 16% for low-income housing and 25% for moderate income housing by 2015. the second issue relates to written reports that have been presented to the planning commission, which we found do not sufficiently explain how residential projects contribute to housing element goals. the department staff reports contained standardized language when discussing the basis for recommending entitlement approval, including finding that thes project conforms with the project code and enumeration of the housing element and applicable area plans that it advances. it also at the request of the planning commission, the planning department began submitting quarterly reports in august of 2011 to the planning commission to report on the city's progress in meeting the regional housing needs allocation go
to be a big deal. the only area seeing rain, crescent city. the system that brought us rain during the week now off to the east. you remember that system? it was here last weekend. as it edged closer finally going across california, cloudy conditions and the first rainfall for the season. today nice weather in store for the afternoon on friday mid to upper 60's about where we saw the temperatures, even the warmest today, mid to upper 70's for the hotter spots and by sunday low 80s in the forecast for some of the warmer areas, for the afternoon, mostly sunny skies, 73 expected in kent field. 74 san rafael. 71 oakland. 68 alameda for the car -- the car show going on there. 76 pleasanton. 76 danville. 73 san jose, 74saratoga, for the afternoon today 74 wood side, 70 san mateo. half moon bay, if you are headed that direction for the big festival going to be a nice day. low 70s santa cruz for the afternoon. second half of the weekend the warmer one, still looking good. are you looking toward tuesday and wednesday? upper 80's, low 90s. >> after a dream season the a's are not planning to many ch
outside of their communities or out of san francisco. this is the first step of many that this board of supervisors can take to demonstrate that the city has learned lessons from the ills of redevelopment and has intentionally developed a plan to be more conscious of the families fact impacted by redevelopment type of activities. this legislation gives a family that is forced to move a choice in priority to return to the site where their homes once existed. it also begins to rebuild in addition to housing trust between residents and the developer teams charged with redeveloping the site. the high level concept of this legislation do the following: gives households the right to return provided that they have not been evicted. minimizes screening criteria in order to ensure that residents aren't somehow weed out and restricted from the new housing. income eligibility qualifications not be affected theriors city review of any relocation plans and entires [skphrao-eupbs/] with local beliefs. it also required a non-binding recommendation to be issued to the housing authority commission pr
orange coloring. >>> new york city's controversial ban on large sugary drinks is seeing its first legal challenge. a coalition of business filed suit yesterday claiming the city's board of health overstepped its authority when it approved the measure. the new regulation would prevent restaurants, cafeterias and concession stands from selling soda and other high calorie drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. the law is set to take effect in march. >>> and the time right now is 9:38. coming up how a clinic is making it easy for you to get a flu shot today. >> and a new chapter for a maryland teen bullied on camera. how he got lots of community support last night. >> an unforgettable moment for a virginia teenager at his high school home coming game. how his story brought out many tears. you're watching news 4 today. good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, i
reform. last month with anti-american protesters in the streets across the cities of morocco the foreign minister travelled to washington for our first-ever strategic dialogue. he could have avoided the cameras but instead strongly condemned the attack in benghazi, embraced a broader partnership with the united states and pledged that his country would continue working towards democracy and the rule of law. algeria also has much to gain by embracing the changes taking place around it and we have seen some progress. the government held parliamentary elections in may and invited international observers to monitor them for the first time. it moved quickly last month to protect diplomatic missions including the u.s. embassy and to defuse tensions in the streets. but still algeria has a lot of work to do. up hold universal rights and create space for civil society, a message i delivered at the highest level in person in february. what do these snapshots and stories from across the region tell us? on the one hand, last month, strains of extremism that threaten those nations as well as the broa
all the people in your bucket first, then proceed. i'm curious about how this has happened over the years. >> i can speak to the formation of the law. i wasn't with the city or wasn't sure what the city's level of engagement on the law but the community choice aggregation law was authored by then assemblywoman caroll migdon, so it was a san francisco initiative. through the legislative process, most parties supported the overall gist, if you will. my recollection is the effort to have it staged as an opt-out as opposed to opt-in was informed by efforts on the telecommunications side, where with deregulation and the allowing of competition within telecommunications market, where it wasn't just local phone service by pac bell anymore. long distance and local phone service competition was an opt-in type of program. there was dissatisfaction with the amount of penetration that was achieved by competitors when that market was attempted to be opened up. so i think that influenced the thinking of the policymakers at the -- in the assembly and senate oversight committees that oversee el
the cities of morocco, the foreign minister travel to washington for our first-ever strategic dialogue. he could have avoided the cameras but instead he strongly condemned the attack and benghazi and embraced a broader partnership with the united states, and pledged that the country would continue working toward democracy and the rule of law. algeria also has much to gain by embracing the changes that are taking place around it, and we have seen some progress. the government held parliamentary elections in may invited international observers to monitor them for the first time and it moved quickly last month. a protected diplomatic commissions including u.s. embassy in to defuse tensions in the streets but still algeria has a lot of work to do to uphold universal rights and create a civil society. a message i delivered at the highest level in person in february. what do these snapshots and stories from across the region tell us? on the one hand, last month's violence revealed strains of extremism that threaten those nations as well as the broader region and even the united states. on the ot
, we have a recall j"!5 let us recall. remember, he who casts thecaí first stone without -- cast the first stone. we all have done wrong. and i'm not placing any -- but i'm saying that's a good man. and we need him here in city. we voted for him. let him be. thank you. >> president chiu:ú next speaker please. >> good evening, supervisors.einjietq)áÑ name is sharon ewing and i stand before you as a resident, a voter, but more importantly-jl a grandma. today i want to take a little diversion from the content qy&qg7t heard and i'm asking that we really seize this opportunity for>ç> bring a healing to the city, and that we mitigateddhp the divide between our advocates in the gg"ñuj )h violence community and our duly elected sheriff. i urge that we seize thisç9b @&c"p% opportunity to look very carefully at our behavior and our vote tonight in:chm a way that brings this city together, and stops what has been ag7b=ñ destructive, tearing apart of people intended to do the right thing. thank you. >> president chiu: n
brass or city leadership, allen, face any discipline for what many people regard as a poorly planned and botched operation in the first place. >> just thinking, joe, about the layoffs at the department has had over recent years, what the morale must be like given in now. >> reporter: then, you know, according to donelan they are ordered into this situation, they spent many hours and many days in a row trying to enforce this encampment and it did get out of hand, and some of them are paying for it. >> they are indeed. thank you, joe vazquez. >>> the couple caught driving the car of a murdered hercules woman will now be charged with her murder. police arrested darnell and tania washington two days ago in washington skate. they initially considered the husband and wife persons of interest in the stabbing death of the retired schoolteacher susie ko. now after police interviews, they are officially considered suspects in this case. police say their arrests bring an end to a crime spree that began with a jail break in san bernardino county. >>> the teenager accused of stealing celebrity c
, wednesday and thursday that is when we are looking for a big wind shift. here is the first system that is pushed down through that cleaned out the atmosphere. right now we have rain up in crescent city. we'll continue to see a series of storm systems north of the california-oregon border. that is going to favor the rain up to the north. it will flat en our ridge to start our workweek. then we're going to see the offshore flow. the first system really worked to clean things out. we are looking at basically sunny afternoon. few high clouds. upper 20s for truckee and tahoe valley airport, 62 later today. mid-70s in sacramento. high pressure is building into southern california, as well. 69 in oakland. big warmup. never cleared yesterday. it was rather gray and today, upper 60s in richmond. 74 in santa rosa as well as napa. 73 san jose. low 70s for fremont. still a little gray around salinas but 76 in morgan hill. 65 in monterey ray. lots of sunshine tomorrow but cooling off quickly. sun sets at about 6:30 so the numbers are starting around 60s for the game and dropping to the 50s. it
you, this was a job well done, it could be a model for any city to follow. so chief before you give your report, i want to congratulate the members of this department and thanks them. >> that was first of my report, so thank you. >> it was a very, very busy weekend but i think that the planning clearly showed over the last week and it was very well done. and i think that the media got the word out and notified the public. the bay area county... over and i appreciate that. i think that we also forget how much that the media does for the public in getting the word out. we did experience some issues with black blog and protests on the 6th. we had issues with the significant amount of downage, not only to those private property but also to public property, including officers that took paint bags. their uniforms were destroyed. two officers were injured. one with cuts to the arm and another one with cuts to his eye. obviously none life-threatening, but they were injured. but, i am particularly proud of professionalism showed by all of the officers on the street. there were very few incid
. the city has been planning this event for about a year. they've had to cut down several trees, remove a bunch of streetlights, all for "endeavour's" final mission. "endeavour" made its first stop about three and a half miles into the 12-mile journey to its final resting place at the california signs center. officials calling it a logistical pit stop. >> this was guided by logistical concerns in times of timing. we closed some runways last night at l.a.x. and these folks wouldn't like us to do it in the day, passengers wouldn't like that. >> reporter: the shuttle departed l.a.x. on its 200,000 pound transport vehicle and began rolling around 2:00 a.m. spectators lined the streets to witness a piece of history. >> it's the american dream. it's an american icon. it's an american hero. >> i'm 20, but it's going to be one of the highlights of my life. i'm never going to see something like this again. >> reporter: the 12-mile journey dubbed mission 26 is quite an endeavor. shuttle controllers will navigate l.a. streets at a top speed of just 2 miles an hour, at some points just inches away
learned the san francisco giants will be facing the st. louis cardinals at home on sunday for the first game of the national league championship series. giants fan fever is running high across the bay area tonight. ktvu's patty lee live in the city where people are gearing up for the game. patti-- >> reporter: gasia they're gearing up literally and figuratively. just look at the color of coit tower. the impact of this winning season is unmistakable. as the lights go down, you can see it's an orange october. >> you can feel it in the air. >> reporter: it's also evident in the team store where fans today snapped up all things orange and black. >> reporter: the team has brought her office together and that's not all. the giants excess is uniting the bay area in the way the presidential election can't. another new t-shirt hits the racks tomorrow. finally party for everyone. >> it just brought everyone in the bay area and here in san francisco so much closer to each other. >> reporter: even when the team takes a night off their fans don't. >> watching the cards-nats because they need to figu
and planning for elders. first i want to thank four bringing up this issue and considering it today. we really think that the dashboard is an important step for meeting affordable housing goals in the city. we of course represent seniors and people with disabilities and housing is one of our biggest issues. i talk to people literally every single day struggling with affordable housing. i remember in april seeing how much market-rate housing is being built and some of the imbrance in the housing had a we're building and especially as that compares with the people that we know so desperately need housing in san francisco. it would be wonderful not to look at it end of the year or every other year, but as every project is considered to be able to say, wait a minute, maybe there is a problem here. as people have pointed out. of course it's not in a easy to say there is a problem and let's fix it, but to be continually aware of it and to always be on people's radar and say where else can we find resources? maybe we need to put this probing on hold a little bit while we look into this other projec
with that part of the debate. with the again benn ga city stuff? >> definitely. you saw it coming into and out of that vice-presidential debate. paul ryan had the branding as this economic policy wonk and yet the first question that he faced was the administration's handling of the libyan attack and the assault on benghazi and he ended up taking the case to the vice president through the beginning of that debate and that's just been more fuel for the romney campaign ever since. you saw hillary clinton and the president saying nobody wants more than them to find out exactly what happened. so they have the administration responding to the terms of their debate where it used to be the administration was taking the fight to them, they're now taking the fight to the administration. >> i want to bring in peter alexander once again. peter travels with mitt romney. as they get ready for the debate, how much of the debate can we expect to be on benghazi and spent on the president's record on foreign policy? >> reporter: well, obviously that remains in the hands of the voters in that room with both mitt
. anna joins me now. marking a moment in history. >> certainly s, hey rice. for the first time since world war ii nearly the entire firefighter class in newark, new jersey, is veterans. 28 out of 31. the city received a $7.1 million grant that makes recruiting and hiring veterans a priority. >> singing our national anthem home of the brave we have to create a home for our brave. that means jobs, housing, an opportunity to show the heroism overseas but come back and serve with the same courage and valor. this is tremendous. >> the gi go fund helped with recruitment. job searching is just one of the many struggles they experience while putting their lives back together. >> suicide rate is very high so due to the economic constraints they may have so having such a personnel behind us trying to fighting for us to get this job is amazing just to know that there are people out there fighting to make sure that we have a job when we return and to help us out along our careers. >> the thing that is really exciting for me is this is exactly what it should look like for a veteran to come back h
donald's fellow employees have filed a suit saying we want our money. i think we first have to resolve, did she have the winning ticket, richard, or not? >> baltimore. that's where it took place, fred. they're a city of dreamers because the yankees ended that dream yesterday for them. >> watch it. >> right. i'm from new york, obviously. >> i'm from maryland. watch it. >> you're in vegas. >> i flew in yesterday. they are dreamers. they done the have any proof that she had the ticket. she certainly didn't cash it herself. nobody has seen the ticket. it's a great idea but you can make all these allegations for $130, anybody can file a lawsuit and make these allegations. you have to prove it. it's what you can prove. this group, they're disgruntled, they wish she had it. they can't prove it. if all of a sudden her lifestyle changes because she appointed nominees to cash in the ticket, obviously there will be an investigation and continuing lawsuit. right now, this case is going nowhere. >> really? avery, the attorneys -- >> like the orioles, it's over. >> oh, gosh. the attorneys representing the ot
-american protesters across the cities of morocco, the foreign minister travel to washington for our first ever strategic dialogue. he could have avoided the cameras but instead strongly condemned the attack and benghzi embrace the broader partnership with united states and pledged his country would work toward democracy and the rule flop. -- rule of law. algeria also has much to gain by embracing the challenges that taking place around it. the government held elections in may and invited international observers to monitor them. it moved quickly. with diplomatic missions including the u.s. embassy to diffuse tension in the street. algeria has a lot of work to do to up old universal rights in create space for civil society a message of the burden person in february. on the one hand strains of extremism the renovations as well as the broader region and the misstates we have seen actions that would be hard to imagine a few years ago. elected leaders and free people in arab countries standing up for a peaceful pluralist future. it is too soon to say how the transitions will play out. but not in dou
. worst? los angeles. >>> new york ties london as the best city for economic opportunity. the new global rankings come from price water house coopers partnership for new york city. toronto third followed by paris and stockholm. >>> hawaii airlines first in ontime arrivals. oops united the worst. >> everybody need a hobby. >> so what's yours? >> resurrection. >> 007 is also the most influence man in the survey. olympic gold medallist usain bolt second and former president bill clinton third. president obama is 11th but ahead of mitt romney in 24th. that's your number ones on "weekends with alex witt." ♪ these are... [ male announcer ] marie callender's puts everything you've grown to love about sunday dinner into each of her pot pies. tender white meat chicken and vegetables in a crust made from scratch. marie callender's. it's time to savor. >>> welcome back to "weekends with alex witt." just past the half hour now. with 24 days to go until election day, the republican ticket is crisscrossing the battle ground state of ohio. after a paul ryan rally in youngstown earlier, mitt r
tomorrow morning. temperatures right now here in the city dropping off to 51 degrees, gaithersburg 41. that's actually come up a little bit. 36 now for frederick. that's actually dropped a bit since we first started at 10:00, quantico 46 and manassas 39 degrees. over by the bay temperatures are a little warmer for annapolis. they're sitting at 55. for tomorrow really good. i mean we have lots of sunshine tomorrow, high pressure in control, still a batch of cool weather on top of us. we're talking 60s for highs tomorrow and it looks like we're talking about lower 60s for just about everybody. things will change, though, for sunday. warm front begins to come on through. that will warm up the mid- atlantic. so from the 60s tomorrow we'll warm right up to the lower to maybe even mid-70s on sunday depending on how much in the way of sunshine we get. i want to point out this frontal system because it will come through monday. in advance of that front we'll have some showers and maybe a few thunderstorms. here's your weekend forecast. looks real nice, beautiful fall day tomorrow, temperature of 62
. >> we're talking with author steven johnson. in 1999 his first book technology transforms the way we create and communicate". "emergence: the connected lives of ants, brains, cities, and software" in 2002 followed life". "everything bad is good for you: how today's popular culture is actually making us smarter" came "the ghost map: the story of london's most terrifying epidemic--and how it changed science, cities, and the modern world" came out in 2006, invention of air: a story of science, faith, revolution, and the birth of america" in 2008, "where good ideas come from: the natural history of innovation" came out in 2010 and finally his newest book a couple weeks on the market, "future perfect: the case of progress in a networked age" is the name of that book. we always ask our authors on this program what they are reading and to their influences are and little tidbits of fact from them and we want to show you that right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you listed john snow as one of your greatest influences. who was john snow? >> guest: john snow was the story o
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